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Luís Gomes

5 de December de 2018

Luís Gomes is a Brazilian municipality in the state of Rio Grande do Norte. It is located in the Upper West Potiguar region, as well as in the western Meso-region Potiguar and in the micro-region of the Serra de São Miguel, at a distance of 442 kilometers west of the state capital, Natal. Occupying an area is 166,638 km², of which 1,1666 km² are from urban areas. The population of the municipality estimated, in the year 2018, by IBGE, is 10,086 inhabitants.

Presential Support Center UAB Alzenir Pereira Firmino Nunes – Municipal School Padre Osvaldo

Address: Senhora Santana Avenue, 17 – Centro, Luis Gomes/RN, CEP: 59940-000
Phone: (84) 99983-2020
Coordination: Joseani Martins da Costa –
Technical Support: Leonardo Batista Cipriano, Manoel Lemos e Sônia Maria de Almeida
Institutional Phone: (84) 99983-2020