The Secretariat of Distance Education of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte was created in June 2003, with the objective of fomenting Education in its distance modality and stimulating the use of information and communication technologies as a teaching and learning tool. Operating in the Civic Square of the Central Campus, SEDIS is able to provide pedagogical and technical assistance for projects of distance courses.

The organizational structure of SEDIS-UFRN, in accordance with the Institution’s Rules of Procedure, includes:

  • Secretary’s Office
  • Technical assistance
  • Coordinates:
    – Pedagogical (COORDPED)
    – Administrative and Project Management (CAP)
    – Information Technology (ITC)
    – Production of Didactic Materials (CPMD)
  • Administrative Secretary.
    SEDIS also has a support structure represented by the Asset Division.
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Telephone: +55843342-2250


    Education and communication materials
    Print Publishing

    We publish printed printed material and own publications produced by other units of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte.


    We have edited e-books from didactic materials and printed books produced by other sectors of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte.

    Digital and interactive

    We produce digital and interactive materials to give greater visibility to content produced by expert teachers in various areas of knowledge.


    We have a specific sector for audiovisual productions, such as institutional videos, promotional videos and reports. In addition, a studio is available for the production of videotapes.