Lajes - Sedis


4 de December de 2018

Lajes, a municipality in the state of Rio Grande do Norte, located in the microregion of Angicos. According to the IBGE, in 2018, its population is estimated at 11,208 inhabitants. Territorial area of ​​676,625 km ². It has one of the most famous reliefs in Rio Grande do Norte, the peak of Cabugi, with 590 meters of altitude. Lajes is located in the Central Region of the State, distant 125 km from the capital.

UAB Lajes Presence Support Pole –

Municipal School Maria da Conceição Salviano Cavalcante
Address: R. Coronel Joaquim Teixeira, s / n – Centro, Lajes / RN, CEP: 59535-000
Phone: (84) 99909-6111
Coordinator: Claudionor de Melo da Silva –
Technical support: Edilene Santos
Cel. Institutional: (84) 99909-6111