Caraúbas - Sedis


24 de October de 2018

Caraúbas is a municipality in the state of Rio Grande do Norte (Brazil), located in the Apodi Plateau Microregion and Potiguar West Meso-region in the northeast of the country, two hundred and ninety-six (296 km) kilometers from the state capital Natal. According to IBGE, in the year 2018 its population was estimated at 20,443 inhabitants, and its territorial area is 1,095,803 km2.

Presential Support Center UAB Sertão das

Municipal School Josué de Oliveira
Address: Alfredo Alves de Azevedo Street, 212, Dr. Sebastião Maltez Fernandes, CEP 59780-000
Phone: (84) 99474-6644
Coordinator: Antônia Joenilma Menezes de Oliveira –
Technical Support: To be defined
Institutional Phone: (84) 99474-6644