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EaD/UFRN students participate in the first in-person graduation ceremony since the beginning of the pandemic

19 de April de 2022

With graduates of the poles of Macau, São Gonçalo do Amarante and Parnamirim, was held on the afternoon of Monday (18), the graduation ceremony for the course of Literature, distance learning, the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte (UFRN), for the period 2021. The event was the first graduation ceremony attended by the public, after the suspension of university activities in person, due to the covid-19 pandemic, materializing the transition from a period of difficulties imposed by the new coronavirus.

According to Sulemi Campos, coordinator of the EaD Language course and class president, the resumption of classroom activities brought a feeling of belonging. The professor pointed out that the initiative to hold the ceremony also came from the students: “I found it interesting that the demand to have this face-to-face graduation came from the students themselves, some of them who suffered with the pandemic and lost their loved ones, they really wanted to be here as a tribute to those who were and to those who stayed”.

The students paid homage to Francinete Pedro dos Santos, an employee of the Distance Education Department (SEDIS/UFRN), who gave the class its name. According to Francinete dos Santos, the students faced difficulties throughout the formative process. “During the pandemic period, we could not offer the on-site internships in schools. This was a point that, in a way, helped to unite the class at this difficult time,” she said, remembering the challenges faced by the group of undergraduates.

Even with the scenario that still generates doubts, Nair Matias, class speaker, brought good expectations for new academic formation plans: “our next step is to move on, to do a post-graduation course. Many of my colleagues are going to try to get a master’s degree here at UFRN, some have already started, just like me. We want to follow and conclude this path of university life. Who knows, maybe dreaming about a doctorate”, she concluded enthusiastically.

Online graduation

Last Wednesday (13), part of the EaD graduates of Letras EaD decided to participate in the graduation ceremony in a remote format. Just like the presential graduation, the ceremony was presided by professor Josenildo Soares Bezerra, vice-director of the Center of Humanities, Letters and Arts (CCHLA), and counted with the participation of professors, tutors and representatives of the pole coordinations.






Source: Gabriel Mascena and Letícia Meira – SEDIS/UFRN


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