Macau - Sedis


6 de December de 2018

Macau is a Brazilian municipality in the state of Rio Grande do Norte, located in the Macao micro-region, in the Central Potiguar Meso-region and in the Costa Branca Pole. According to the IBGE, its population, in 2018, is estimated at 31,584 inhabitants. Macau has a land area of ​​775,302 km² and is located 175 km from the state capital, Natal. The municipality of Macao is in a region producing sea salt (one of the main in Brazil), oil and fish, being one of the largest domestic producers of sardines.

UAB Macau Support Center –

UFRN – Professor Benito Maia Barros Campus
Address: Rua Padre João Clemente, s / no, Porto de São Pedro. Zip code: 59.500-000
Phone: (84) 99430-5277
Coordinator: Prof. Geraldo Alves Diniz –
Luís Bouquillard –
Technical support: Aleuda Santos Oliveira
Cel. Institutional: (84) 99430-5277