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São Gonçalo do Amarante

6 de December de 2018

São Gonçalo do Amarante is a municipality in the state of Rio Grande do Norte, located in the mesorregion of the East Potiguar and microregion of Macaíba. Its population, according to the IBGE, the population, in 2018 is 101,102 inhabitants. It is distant thirteen kilometers from the capital and integrates the Metropolitan Region of Natal.

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Address: R. Belchior de Oliveira Rocha S / N, center / São Gonçalo do Amarante
Phone: (84) 98706-9082
Coordinator: Profª. Rosilda da Costa Felix – rosildasga@hotmail.com
Technical support: Helomar Júnior
Cel. Institutional: (84) 98706.9082