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SEDIS Launches “EaD Stories” Video Series at UFRN

28 de August de 2019

A team from the Department of Distance Education of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte toured the 13 municipalities that house Face-to-Face Support Poles. These hubs assist students and serve as a meeting place for academic activities such as exams, seminars and lectures.

The result of this expedition can be seen in a series of videos that will be published in SEDIS profiles on social networks. Students, newly graduated professionals, tutors and coordinators tell a little about their experiences and what has changed in their lives from the contact with Distance Education.

Currently, through the Open University of Brazil Program, UFRN is able to reach the municipalities of: São Gonçalo do Amarante, Parnamirim, Nova Cruz, Guamaré, Macau, Lajes, Currais Novos, Caicó, Caraúbas, Grossos, Martins, Marcelino Vieira and Luís Gomes

The series will be called “EaD Stories”, an accurate account of those who see the important social role that Distance Education plays, especially in cities away from large urban centers, which makes it difficult to access public, free and higher education quality. The videos will always be published on Mondays on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

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Source: SEDIS / UFRN Media Sector

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