Guamaré - Sedis


5 de December de 2018

Guamaré is a municipality located in the state of Rio Grande do Norte, being part of the microregion of Macao, Central Meso-region Potiguar and Polo Costa Branca. According to the IBGE, in 2018, its population was estimated at 15,349 inhabitants. Guamaré stands out as one of the municipalities that produce the most oil, having in its territory an industrial pole of Petrobras.

Presential Support Center UAB Guamaré
Address: Monsenhor Jose Tibúrcio Street, s/n – Centro, Guamaré-RN, CEP: 59.598-000
Phone: (84) 99911-0269
Coordinator: Márcia Meyre Abreu Leite Bezerra –
Technical support: Tânia Leonor da Câmara Olegário
Institutional: (84) 99911-0269