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New distance learning graduates from UFRN celebrate the achievement of academic laurels and remember their trajectories

7 de December de 2021

Born in Santana do Matos, in the Potiguar Seridó region, José Joailton Soares de Lima de Oliveira saw his life change in March 2006, when, during a soccer match, he collided with the opposing team’s goalkeeper and suffered the dislocation of vertebrae in his spine, which resulted in the loss of the movements in his legs. But what for many could be a limiting factor in the search for a college degree, for José Joailton was a great motivation in the sense of seeking to overcome the difficulties imposed by the physical disability.

On November 10th 2021, he fulfilled an old dream: he concluded the distance learning degree course in Physical Education at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte (UFRN). “My biggest difficulties were the internet, computer problems, but, mainly, for being physically handicapped, the trips to the center were very complicated, because of the transport conditions, the bad roads and the fear of muggings”, he comments when he remembers his routine of trips to the Currais Novos Presential Support Center that works inside CERES.

All the effort was rewarded. José Joailton received the academic laurel, a recognition from UFRN to the students who stood out the most in their courses: “this award is not only mine, but belongs to everyone who is part of the Currais Novos campus, because without the help of the campus, family members and great friends, it wouldn’t have been possible to finish my journey”, celebrates the, now, Physical Education graduate, already looking to the future, “my plans are to get a master’s degree and a PhD in Physical Education, pass a contest and be able to work”.

Pedagogy without distance

Luzia de Oliveira Pereira Filha, 37 years old, is also part of the list of graduates that received the maximum recognition from UFRN for their academic performance: “it was a moment of great emotion, surprise, joy, and gratitude to God for having given me courage and firmness in difficult moments, and to my family for the understanding, support, and motivation along the academic path”, she celebrated. The graduation of her class, on November 4th 2021, opened the series of graduation ceremonies for the 2021.1 school semester.

Born in the countryside of Paraíba, in the city of Lastro, Luzia de Oliveira settled in Tenente Ananias, in the Potiguar High West, next to the city of Marcelino Vieira, where is the Presential Support Center that she attended during the distance learning course in Pedagogy at UFRN: “many were the difficulties faced, such as autonomous learning, the use of technologies, the organization of time, in order to conciliate study routines, work, domestic chores, and the care and zeal with the family”.

Luzia also says that distance learning was her choice due to the impossibility of being at a university every day, and also due to the flexibility of her schedule, which made it possible for her to reach her goal: to study and graduate in an area she is interested in and wants to work in. After the contact with the academy, she says she intends to “seek new knowledge and experiences and that these, in turn, will broaden the horizons and work possibilities in her area of training.

Bruno Cássio – Communication Advisor of SEDIS/UFRN


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