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IFRN offers EaD courses in 21 municipalities of Potiguares

24 de April de 2019

In the third report of the special series on EaD in RN, we will know more about the performance of the Campus EaD of the Federal Institute of Rio Grande do Norte (IFRN). The EaD Campus, currently Campus Natal – Zona Leste, was created in January 2011 and offers several courses based on institutional demand, as well as courses at Rede Escola Técnica do Brasil (Rede e-Tec Brasil) and the Open University System of Brazil (UAB).

To better understand the role of this Campus in Rio Grande do Norte, we spoke with the general director of the IFRN Distance Learning Campus, Alexsandro Paulino de Oliveira. For Professor Alexsandro Paulino, the main mission of the EaD Campus is to expand access to quality public education through public poles throughout the state.

Still, according to the director of the IFRN EaD Campus, the great goal of his team is to bring knowledge to every corner of the RN, overcoming the barriers of distance through technology. According to him, there is a concern with the training of professionals who work on campus, whether technical or academic, so that they can act in this type of teaching, taking into account their specific characteristics.

The EaD Campus offers superior courses in the areas of Licenciatura in Spanish, Technology in Environmental Management and Degree in Pedagogical Training for unlicensed graduates. In addition to the higher courses, 7 subsequent technical courses, 9 postgraduate courses and 6 Initial and Continuing Training courses are available.

These courses are offered in 30 in-person support centers, distributed in 21 municipalities in Rio Grande do Norte and 1 in Paraíba, 16 of which are located on the IFRN campuses. For those interested in joining distance education courses, the leader clarifies that although the EAD allows flexible space and study time, the student should not confuse this situation with less dedication.

In order to fulfill its tasks, the student must therefore be proactive, managing his commitments on his own, complements the director. Those interested in learning more about the IFRN EaD Campus should visit the <http://ead.ifrn.edu.br> portal or follow profiles on social networks (@IFRNCampusEaD). Further clarifications may also be obtained by calling: (84) 4005-8900.

Source: SEDIS / UFRN Media Sector

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