Book on the trajectory of teacher education will be released next Wednesday (15) - Sedis

Book on the trajectory of teacher education will be released next Wednesday (15)

10 de September de 2021

What paths do teachers follow to achieve their academic and professional training? This is just one of the reflections that are addressed in the book “Building Being a Teacher: (geo)graphs of the trajectory of life”, authored by the professor of the Department of Geography at UFRN, Ione Morais, who is also Assistant Secretary for Distance Education of the University.

The work, according to the author, “is the result of research developed for the purpose of preparing the Memorial submitted to the process related to promotion to Class E, as Full Professor at UFRN”. The memoir was produced over a six-month period, between November 2019 and April 2020, that is, its conclusion took place in the middle of the first month of the declaration of the covid-19 pandemic.

Also according to Ione Morais, the book’s content addresses the “Teacher’s Life Story”, based on a narrative of the itineraries traveled in search of this construction, in this path, there is a connection with people, with events and with geographic spaces. The expectation is that all people who have teaching as a profession or even those who are still in academic training will be able to recognize themselves in this writing.


The book “Building Being a Teacher: (geo)graphs of life’s trajectory” will be released next Wednesday (15th), from 7 pm, through a live broadcast on the SertãoCult Editora Channel, on YouTube. The program includes a lecture on the theme “Academic Memorial: (geo)graphs of the trajectory of life” and also the participation of professor from the University of the State of Bahia (UNEB), Jussara Portugal.

The guest, Jussara Portugal, signs the preface of the work and highlights “in many moments, while reading attentively to its writing, I found myself in the narrative of its history. His memories evoked with many and small details, often crossed with those I keep in my trunk”. Those interested in participating in the virtual event must register at this link, with the right to a certificate of extension activity.

Bruno Cássio – Media Sector SEDIS/UFRN

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