BaseLab from LAIS / UFRN and SEDIS / UFRN develops and launches new RU app - Sedis

BaseLab from LAIS / UFRN and SEDIS / UFRN develops and launches new RU app

22 de April de 2021

BaseLab, sector that works in projects of the Laboratory of Technological Innovation in Health (LAIS / UFRN) and of the Secretariat of Distance Education (SEDIS / UFRN), developed the new UK application in order to guarantee a better experience for users from the University Restaurant of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte (RU / UFRN). The area responsible for this is called “UX Design”, short for User Experience Design, in English. In a literal translation, it would be “user experience design”.

Based on the user experience, a company’s websites and applications, for example, are designed to meet their main needs, when they have access to virtual platforms. This is one of BaseLab’s missions that works in the prototyping of applications, systems, websites, hotsites and other digital solutions destined to LAIS / UFRN and SEDIS / UFRN events or projects.

According to Carol Mayer, who manages the demands of BaseLab, much of the production is the result of research by Master and Doctoral students who develop projects at LAIS. She points out that, among the main changes in the app, are changes in the interface and the possibilities for the user to check the balance available for meals and to know the nutritional information of each dish served.

For the Director of the RU / UFRN, Michele Medeiros, the new app of the RU “is a wonderful tool for the user, since he will have a greater facility to see the menu of the day, whether he likes it or not, being able to decide more fast and quiet what will compose your meal at that moment. In addition to being able to see, in the palm of your hand, if you will have credit available to make your meal or if you will have to provide recharge for this, everything in a practical and quick way ”.

According to Carlos Gabriel Melo, Leader of the Mobile Team of the Information Technology Superintendence (STI / UFRN), the former SINFO, there was a change in the technology used in the UK app and, for this reason, the old app should be uninstalled and replaced by this new version that is now available for download. To download the new UK app, you can click here.

Bruno Cássio – SEDIS / UFRN Media Sector

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