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SEDIS opens applications for Simplified Selection of scholars in the area of ​​Design or Journalism

15 de July de 2019

Registration is open until July 21, 2019, of the process of Simplified Selection of undergraduate students of UFRN to act as trainees in the project "Training processes aimed at qualifying the members of the Public Prosecutor of the RN." The

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Public Call Interview Result Released

11 de July de 2019

In the "Contests" tab, you can see the Result of the Public Call Interview 003/2019, referring to the Simplified Selection of students to act as scholarship holders in the area of ​​Journalism. Click here to learn more.

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EaD realizes dreams: former academic of Currais Novos Polo concludes master’s degree in the area of ​​Physics

10 de July de 2019

At the age of 30, Ercília Juliana Marciano de Oliveira has just realized the biggest of her professional dreams: the completion of the Professional Master's Degree in Physics Teaching (MNPEF), which is part of a national postgraduate program aimed at

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SEDIS promotes university week at the distance education centers of UFRN

9 de July de 2019

From August to November 2019, the Secretariat of distance Education of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte will promote the 1st University week. The program will be held to attend students of the courses in the EaD modality

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